The Grateful Game – Gratitude As A Daily Practice

by: Jessica Lynne Trese (Moore)
Gratitude is a beautiful practice, it enriches your life, deepens your connection with others, and brings peace to your heart. It’s a daily practice.

I like to call my daily practice The Grateful Game!!!! I’ve done this for years, and when my partner and I first connected, I brought him in on the game too.

Every night, after the dishes are done, as we’re starting to wind down, we share at least three things we’re grateful for. Some days there are obvious things to be grateful for, maybe a job promotion, or a birth in the family, or sharing time with a beloved family member.

And some days, it’s harder to find the lesson of gratitude, it might be that you were shown one of your own faults and can see that you’d like to change it; or knowing when to put an argument on hold and admit you love each other; or a challenge at work that tests your patience.

This practice, reminds us that no matter what goes on, there is always something to be grateful for, there is always a way to find gratitude.

Gratitude in the smile from a stranger. Gratitude in the opportunity to accept differences in others with no judgments, or at least the opportunity to try. Gratitude for the opportunity to rest and try again tomorrow. Gratitude for seeing places in your life where you can grow. Gratitude simply for the sake of gratitude.

Gratitude is a practice, and some days are easier than others. As with any practice, the more you do it, the easier it gets. And when we surround ourselves with gratitude, it can permeate to those around us, filling their hearts with gratitude too!

Practice gratitude every day. And you will live every day with much to be grateful for.

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