Mysore & Ashtanga at Bella Prana

GaneshAfter the birth of my amazing daughter, I’m honored to be returning to my full-time teaching schedule at the newly renovated Bella Prana location. With all the love and energy from 17 years of Yogani Studios, the doors will open Thursday, August 4 and we’ll be packed with amazing classes, phenomenal teachers and a blended student population. It’ll be awesome!

Mysore classes are new to the Bella Prana schedule, check out some FAQs to help clear up some confusion!

Same Mysore schedule we offered at Yogani:

Sunday | Mysore | 7:00-9:00am with Jessica
Monday | Mysore | 6:00-9:00am with Jessica
Tuesday | Mysore | 6:00-9:00am with Jessica
Wednesday | Mysore | 6:00-9:00am with Jessica
Thursday | Mysore | 6:00-9:00am with Jessica
Friday | Mysore | 6:00-9:00am with Jessica

No Mysore classes will be held on Moon Days

FullPrimaryClass2We’ll still be offering traditional led Ashtanga classes too, but the schedule will be a tad different:
Thursdays – 9:30-11:00am – Ashtanga Full Primary with Jessica
Fridays – 9:30-10:45am – Ashtanga 101 with Jessica
Fridays – 6:00-7:30pm – Ashtanga Half Primary with Brittany

The next Yoga Chikitsa Apprenticeship Program will be beginning August 13!

iloveashtangaQuestions about Ashtanga and Mysore? Check out these articles:
* Ashtanga Yoga is Really a Breath Practice
* The Heart of Ashtanga Yoga: The Tristhana Method
* Ashtanga Opening Mantra

See you on the mat soon!

* About Jessica

**NEW LOCATION** Ashtanga Eco Retreat – September 1-7, 2016

* Upcoming Events & Workshops

* Apprenticeship Program

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