Truth Matters

 "When in doubt, tell the truth" on blackboard

Mark Twain

It does. It actually matters a LOT.

Truthfulness matters even more now than it ever has. We now live in a world where stories that are literally made up, with no factual evidence, are taken as fact and people’s lives and their livelihoods are put in danger.

Satya, honesty, is one of the guidelines for interacting with the world as laid out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Practicing truthfulness is not limited to simply avoiding lying. Truthfulness also involves an honest view of all of our actions. The activities we participate in, the food we eat, the way we treat our body, the way we keep our home, etc. If any of these actions are not aligned with our internal core values, this is a form of non-truthfulness.

Satya is truthfulness in thought, word and action.

As a community, as a global family we must practice and fight for truthfulness. Let truthfulness fill our lives, giving us the strength to stand up and resist the bombardment of lies and falsehoods we have found ourselves surrounded by.

truthfulIt starts with each one of us. If we hold ourselves accountable to be honest and truthful with our families, in our actions and with our hearts we will add more honesty to the world. We can fix this. One truthful action at a time.

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