Why Yoga in the Workplace?

  • For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (U. of Michigan Research Centre)
  • Job stress creates up to 60% of employee absenteeism. (C. Cooper & R. Payne)
  • Burnout costs Canadian businesses an estimated $12 billion every year in health claims, lost productivity and absenteeism. (Conference Board of Canada)
  • Employees who report a high degree of stress in their lives miss twice as many work days as employees who report a low degree of stress? (Conference Board of Canada)
  • Work injuries cost $121 billion in medical care, lost productivity and wages. At least 100 million workdays are lost each year to lower back pain at a cost to employers of about $20 billion. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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